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UK made, in house by our dog experts.

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Designed for comfort

Why is the neewdog harness so great?


Soft fleece, plenty of adjustment and the ideal shape, make the Neewdog harness supremely comfortable for your dog.

Ease of fitting

You don’t want to be twisting and pulling your dog around to get a harness on. Not a problem with the Neewdog harness, 4 separate release clips add to plenty of adjustment and make the harness simple to put on.

Designed to keep your dog secure

Does your dog like to try and escape from harnesses? You are not alone. The shape and adjustment of the Neewdog harness means it fits snugly on your dog and help keep you dog in the harness.

Why Neewdog?

After spending a decade helping people choose dog harnesses, you learn a thing or two about some must have features

Snug fit to keep your dog in the harness

Strength, Solid D Rings and bonded nylon stitching

Adjustment, fit matters. With 4 points of adjustment, you can get it just right

Super soft fleece, no one wants a rough material against their skin. softness matters!


Your dog love's running and jumping through muddy puddles. That is why we made the harness washable.

Give your dog the best




Measure your dog, your dogs girth measurement is all you need to find the ideal size.

Shipped & Packed

We make the harness for you, pack it up and send to you via tracked delivery.


Once you get your harness make a few adjustments and get it just right for your dog, then get your shoes on and go for your first walk. You will love the difference.

the best a dog can get

Do you want your dog to be comfortable while on long walks?

Give your dog the best


“Definitely a brilliant fit for French Bulldogs.”

Clare, Essex

Our story

The Neewdog Brand is part of the Newlands family. A family run business that has been creating top quality dog products for over a decade.

Whenever we set out on a new project we like to add a sprinkle of Newlands magic.

What does that mean? Simple, make a product that we want to use, that is great for dogs and brings a smile to everyone who uses it!

About Us


UK made, in house by our dog experts.

“fitted perfectly. Genuinely the best harness I've tried to date”
Michelle dale
“We love the multiple adjustments, and we could get a perfect fit.”
Tony Dickenson